Tribal Cardi

Last week I came to Hijupreneur at fX, since it’s an event for hijabers so I decided to dress a little more stylish than my daily hijab wear. I’ll tell you about the Hijupreneur latter in another blog post. When I was searching in my closet to find a nice clothes for me to wear, I remember that my package from PinkEmma just arrived this morning. That’s why I love to shopping online at, their package was came so quick after I bought. Another reasons are their product are affordable and stylish and also 100% made in Indonesia, coz they design and produce their product by theirself.

Anyway, do you know why I love cardigan?

Coz, it easily mix and macth with my other clothes. So I choose to wear a cardigan with tribal motif that’s in my package.

So, here what I wore:


PinkEmma Izara Tribal Outer / Nikicio for Centro Asymetric Crop T-shirt / NyLa Bohemian Skirt / Up! Stella Rainbow Stripes / Strawberry Shawl as Hijab

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nikicio x centro

Bagi ku begitu mendengar bakalan ada NIKICIO for CENTRO yang pertama kebayang pastinya bakalan comfortably chic, simple and clean cutting like always but also fashionable and fabulicious (fabulous and delicious) ;p DEFINITELY MUST HAVE ITEMs deh..

Menurut Nina Nikicio…

Loh bener banget kan? Baju yang akan dijual di Dept. Store gak mungkin couture atau Avant Garde n kudu ready to wear, kalo gak mana ada orang yang mau beli, emangnya mau ngelenong dimane.. :lol: So… Mari kita melihat-lihat Lookbook beserta price list nyaa… Berhubung daku lagi suka pake atasan yang bentuk nya dress atau mini dress tapi ya kalo aku yang make tetep kudu di pakein celana atau legging :lol: Jadi bagian yang dilihat dengan fokus pertama kali adalah bagian dress-dress nyaa… suka deh, simple yet edgy!

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