Prepp(tt)y Edgy

Not so long time ago I got homework from school to deconstruction dress / old shirt that I owned. What would be the theme is up to each of the students. I chose to take the preppy and edgy style.

By combining 3 shirts that I brought from home, cutting here and there, adding double collar, ect. I finally created a shirt that can be seen in the photograph below.


 Front ~Prepp(tt)y Edgy


 Side ~Prepp(tt)y Edgy


Back ~Prepp(tt)y Edgy

Photographer: Dita Firdiana
Model: Ajeng Lembayung

Heck, I was wanted to use the “Sexy” word as part of the name of this dress, but …. : D

Although there is a little bit open, frankly I myself also wanted to wear this shirt.

Thanks Ajeng for being my model..

Anyway, here’s the Moodpicture: (Forgive me for the poor quality of my moodpict, I was too hasty when I making it.)

moodpictYou can visit my deviantart here :D


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