I Don’t Have Reasons

Booth: We don’t really know why..
Bones: I don’t agree with you,
Booth: About Love?
Bones: I know exactly why I love you.
Booth: Really? Okay, why don’t you give me your top 3 reasons?
Bones: First, you love me. Second, you love Christine. Third, ……
Booth: Getting mysterious right..
Bones: NO! Let me gather my thought.
Booth: That’s exactly why we have music and poetry, Bones..
Bones: Third, your physicality is marvelous. Now you give me 3 of your reason why you loving me
Booth: I don’t have reasons
Bones: I think what you just said, very romantic Booth.

~ Bones & Booth at Bones TV Series season 08 episode 07

Aku seperti Booth, yang tidak butuh alasan untuk jatuh cinta kepadamu.



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