Gigi Bungsu aliyas Wisdom Teeth…

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in english…

Wisdom teeth emerge years after all other teeth are in place. They develop when most individuals become adults (around after 17 years of age).

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Because our jaw is smaller than those of our earliest ancestor, our wisdom teeth do not have enough room to fit in our mouths properly therefor our wisdom teeth may become impacted, which can crowd other teeth.

Wisdom teeth can cause gum disease, and can also decay due to difficulty in cleansing them.

They may also cause cysts, which can destroy the jaw or teeth surrounding the wisdom teeth.

Very rarely do wisdom teeth grow properly and remain healthy. If wisdom teeth are removed, the rest of your mouth can remain healthy and your other teeth will be properly positioned.

What is the procedure for removal?

First, your dental and medical history will be evaluated, and then your dentist will perform a tooth examination and take a panoramic X-ray of your teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal is a straight forward procedure and is usually performed through minor surgery by an oral surgeon.

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