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lupa liyat di blog siapa pas blogwalking, cuman ternyata kok ya luchu juga… ya sudah anggap aja menyambung postingan 25 things about di-ta hihihi… baiklah langsung saja dimulai…

001. Real name ? Dita Firdiana Firdaus [sikumbang]
002. Like it? ? ya harus to… ibuk bapakku udah capek mikir masa ndak suka..
003. Nickname(s)? dita, wawa, wa-chan, kudit, difFa, ditche, di-je, dithonk, babi DJ, babi Horton, dita_disini, dita_gigi, peri gigi, terserah kaliyan aja deh…
004. Status ? single and happy *do i?*
005. Zodiac sign ? Aquarius
006. Male or female ? female
007. Elementary? Al-azhar pusat
008. Middle School ? Al-azhar I
009. High School ? Al-azhar I
010. Hair color ? menurut kaliyan?? item aja deh
011. Long or short ? yang sedang2 sajah…
012. Eye color ? black
013. Weight ? rahasia wanita tidak boleh ada yang tau…
014. Height ? 160cm
015. Righty or lefty ? righty
016. Loud or Quiet ? Loud
017. Sweats or Jeans ? jeans
018. Phone or Camera ? ponsel berkamera
019. Health freak ? Nope
020. Piercings?? No way
021. Do you have a crush on someone? ? right now?? i think… YES
022. Eat or Drink ? drink what?? mineral water?? yups… i will choose Drink
023. Purse or Backpack ? purse
024. Tattoos ? No way!!
025. Do You Like Yourself?? absolutely
026. Current worry?? My self…

027. Orange or Apple Juice?? Apple, I hates orange
028. Night or Day?? night
029. Sun or Moon?? moon
030. TV or Internet?? Internet
031. PlayStation or XBox?? NDS!!!
032. Kiss or Hug?? Hugs coz, I’m huggables… yay!!
033. Iguana or Turtle?? turtle… I have 2
034. Spider or Bee? ? spider… dulu punya beberapa ekor dikamar
035. Fall or Spring? ? fall… bagus banget n mirip sama suasana hati dita saat ini
036. Limewire or iTunes? ? errr… ndak pake begituan
037. Soccer or Baseball?? the players, pemainnya aja yg ganteng2

038. First surgery ? operasi gigi termasuk ndak?? kalo iya pas kelas 2 SMA
039. First piercing ? kelas 3 SMA (dari bayi belo ditindik
040. First best friend ? masayu dan tika
041. First Sport? ? apa yah?? ndak suka olahraga… tapi kalo ndak renang mungkin sepedah
042. First award ? juara masukin bola ke dalem ring waktu TK B
043. First crush ? cowo di kelas sebelah waktu SD
044. First pet ? Chicken
045. First big vacation ? Germany
046. First big birthday ? 17th

047. Eating ? Fried banana
048. Drinking ? Water
049. I’m about to ? convert a video
050. Listening to ? my winamp playlist
051. Singing?? Nope
052. Typing?? this task
053. Waiting for ? someone to love me

054. Want kids?? absolutely, I want 7th
055. When?? after a marriage, masa sekarang pan belon ada calon bapaknya
056. Want to get married?? ya iyalah, masa ya iya donk!!
057. When? ? kalo perlu besok!! oopzz
058. Where Do You Want To Live?? Jakarta, singapore
059. Careers in mind ? Something with coffee things, boutique, clinique and restorant
060. What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little?? architect
061. Mellow Future Or Wild?? some mellow, some wild
062. Something You Would Never Try?? I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke… dan ndak akan pernah nyoba

063. Lips or eyes ? Eyes
064. Shorter or taller? ? taller
065. Romantic or spontaneous ? spontaneous
066. Nice stomach or nice arms ? arms
067. Sensitive or loud ? depends on
068. Hook-up or relationship ? relationship
069. Trouble maker or hesitant? someone in between
070. Hugging or Kissing?? hugging
071. Tan Skinned or Light?? dua2nya seksi kok
072. Dark or Light Hair?? dark
073. Muscular or Normal?? Normal

074. Lost glasses/contacts ? nope, it always because of broken
075. Ran away from home ? never
076. Held a gun/knife for self defense?? nope… but I have kunci ingris [yang buat ngencengin baut itu loh]
077. Killed somebody ? HoanjritoZ…
078. Broken someone’s heart ? upss….just recently
079. Been arrested ? Never!!
080. Cried when someone died ? mostly
081. Kissed A Stranger?? NEVER
082. Climbed Up A Tree?? when i was children, almost everyday
083. Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend?? Yap

084. Yourself ? Yes
085. Miracles ? yes
086. Love at first sight ? Yap, always..
087. Heaven ? Yap
088. Santa Claus ? Nope
089. Kiss on the first date ? errr….

090. Is there one person you want to be with right now ? mmm….yeah
091. Do You Like Someone?? i’m not sure, my mind say no, my body say yes!!
092. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life ? yap
093. Do you believe in God ? Definitly

094. Received/ Sent Text Message ? from **** yg tau dan ngerasa isi sendiri
095. Received Call ? from my mom
096. Call Made? ? to my friend [arfina]
097. Comment On MySpace?? doesn’t have it
098. Missed Call? ? from my dad
099. Person You Hung out With?? rombongan sirkus
100. Post as 100 truths and tag *ngetag sendiri yah… daku males ngetag…*

feel free to tag yourself

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  1. pinkparis says:

    (woot) ada lagi mainan tagged yang lain. ada 100 point lagi .. ck ck ck
    wondering ada gak ya yang jawab ‘YES’ dibagian “Killed somebody ?”, hehehe …
    nice to know more about u (cozy)

    pinkpariss last blog post..Strawberry Mousse

    • di-ta says:

      errrr…. :maksudna kalo cowoknya okeh sebenernya ndak masalah :p kalo ndak okeh… mungkin kencan selanjutnya, itu pun kalo ada yg selanjutnya…

      lanjut nguras kolam renang

  2. di-ta says:

    gyahaha… iya nih… abis gimana doms…lagi beku ide, mo posting soal play the beat tadi, lom kelar aplod vidio tompinya ke yutub :(

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