Coffee Breath

Last weekend, Me invited by Jakarta Venue spending time in Coffee Breath with Adiitoo and Goiq. I was really excited to go there because it’s location’s not so far from my house and also because it’s my first time there. Well, let me tell you about my visit to this great cafe.

Coffee Breath

The location is easy to find and name board clearly visible from the roadside. Coffee Breath has this comforting homey interior design, thanks to the wooden furnitures and the adorable display of tons of books. As cafes located in Kemang, Coffee Breath also serves as a gallery, with a consignment system. The place for smokers and non-smokers are separate, which provided a place for a smoke on the patio while non-smokers can take place inside.

coffee breath

coffee breath


I Love Coffee

Coffee Breath is very suitable for you who want to hanging out with friends, dating with your love one, meeting, or even have a gathering with your community. If you are a coffee lovers in the Coffee Breath you can choose a wide variety of quality local coffee from various regions in Indonesia. Coffee Breath itself provides 9 different types of coffee plus coffee luwak. But, don’t worry Coffee Breath not only served coffee.


The second floor’s much more wider, I prefer to be in the smoking area because there are windows that open and directly facing the street. Similar to the first floor, on the 2nd floor is also available in the shelves of books that can be read.


second floor

second floor

Jangan galau Goiq… :lol:

The food and drinks that I tried there were the Mango Mint, Strawberry Blend, Cappuccino Ginger Bread, Choco Mint Blend, Taro Blend, Fried Banana Choco Cheese, Sweet Bread, Chicken Tartine and Oxtail with Oyster Sauce. I also tried their Mojito Blossom which was so good.


Mojito Blossom (29k) & Mango Mint (30k). This Blossom Mojito Bubble has two flavors in one glass, it taste very good and have some freshness to it. There Pome fruit flavors of sour and acidic flavors of passion fruit, the passion fruit flavor was contained in the bubble, so if you bite the bubble the passion fruits syrups will flows to your tongue. The Mango Mint looks like Lemon Tea, but it is not. This drinks have a mango flavors  mixed with the freshness of mint. But nothing to special in this one, coz the Jelly it self also contain mango syrups inside.


Cappuccino Ginger Breath (forgot the price), at first I thought it was only of the gingerbread who have a ginger flavor, but it turns out there is also a ginger flavors in the cappuccino. This drink is certainly good to drink on a cold night because ginger produces a warm feeling in the body, BUT I stop drink it after I taste the ginger in the cappuccino, coz I hate ginger.

Strawberry Blend

Strawberry Blend (35k), well basically this is an ordinary ice blend, what make this one so special are the bubble. Even though Coffee Breath owner, Lita Juswandani, said this is a strawberry bubble, but based on my taste bud this bubble have a pome flavors in it.


Taro Blend (35k),For those who are accustomed to ordering taro flavors drinks in so called bubble tea store, YOU SHOULD TRY THIS ONE! I don’t have to explain about the taste anymore.

Choco Mint

Choco Mint Blend (35k), The chocolate and the mint are blend nicely. I love chocolate, so I feel like I can drank this in one gulp.


Then come the appetizer and dessert, Banana Choco Cheese (18k) and Sweet Bread (20k). This Sweet Bread is actually a (roti) prata served with chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. It was so delicious. The three of us are fighting over this sweet bread.  Lets take a closer look.



If you love banana, you’ll enjoy this menu, but because we taste the Sweet Bread first, this Banana Choco Cheese feels less impressive than the fisrt one. Maybe next time I will order this snack without his the Sweet Bread so I can enjoy the full flavor or I will take home this one, coz my mom and dad love banana fried so much.


Chicken Tartine (20k), when I take a closer look, it consists of  bread, cheese, chicken, and tomato slices and then baked. It taste so good and just like Goiq said, it looks like we can make it ourself at home.


And then come the main course, Oxtail with Oyster Sauce (52k). I fall in love at the first bite, the oxtail meats are so tender. For the soup itself, really fresh . Does not taste too salty, and tasted the broth from the meat are so strong. I think this is my favorite, even at home, I’ll never eat oxtail or ribs because I don’t like the process of separating meats from the bones, but in Coffee Breath I eat it like never eat anythings like this before.

wall full of text

Aren’t you intrigue to come to this place? :D

Coffee Breath
The Broadway Kemang
Monday to Sunday 7 AM to 10 PM
Jalan Benda No.46 F Unit C, Kemang,
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Phone Number: +621 33986969
Twitter ID: @CoffeeBreathID


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