Bobby Broom – Clean Sweep

In the early 80ies the GRP label under the guidance of Larry Rosen and Dave Grusin was just sizzling with fresh sounds and newly discovered talents, among them guitar player Bobby Broom, just being 20 years old, releasing his debut which has become a classic in the mean time. Featuring the GRP house band consisting of Marcus Miller on bass, Buddy Williams on drums and Dave Grusin on keyboards with additional players Crusher Bennett on percussion, Omar Hakim on drums and Terry Burrus on keyboards, we get an excellent example of the GRP sound of the early 80ies. On one hand definitely commercial with its funky grooves and radio friendly songs but on the other hand still retaining quality and substance, this album delivers enough jazz chops by this truly great player to make it worthwile to come back to.
loh kok, jadi ngebahas jazz?? padahal dita sama sekali gag suka music jazz. nah ini tuh sepesial pake telor, eh… special edition for special friend request, from dhita yang waktu itu ngerikues lagu-lagu jazz yang banyak itu loh… disini

nah dhit, kalo mo doqnload disinilah tempatnya… Bobby Broom – Clean Sweep

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