Semalam diperjalanan pulang dari #JavaJazz2010 iseng membuka twitter, secara kebetulan timeline saya agak sepi (mungkin efek banyak yang lagi konsen di #JJF, dan disana sinyal agak sedikit bikin gregetan) mata saya menangkap sebaris tulisan yang agak misterius. Karena penasaran, maka tangan saya tertarik untuk meng-klik hashtag #Aska yang ditulis oleh seseorang  yang saya Follow. After reading the #Aska story, completely I cried outloud.. shame on me :'( Yess! the main character in this story is so me… So I know how he will feel if he knows the truth..

Baiklah, sebelum lebih bertele-tele, saya salin saja tweet kawan saya tersebut di sini (udah minta izin kok ke si empunya cerita) :) btw, #Aska is a cerpentweet wrote by @senirupa based on true story


Who knows about that nite at Intan’s? Well, the morning after this guy who went all googoogaga called everyone who came to the party

The morning after this guy called everyone who came to the party the nite before if they knew this beautiful girl named Aska,

The guy had gone all googoogaga over Aska, the girl he met the nite before at Intan’s party. But no one else seemed to have seen this Aska girl.

People asked this guy, “well, how did this Aska girl look like?” The guy answered, “she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!”

“What did she look like?” they asked. He reminisced dreamily “oh she had the tall & slender body of a model & the heavenly face of an angel!!”

“oh, and she also have a long, beautiful, and silky hair.”

So intan tried hard to help her friend who was falling madly in love with this mysterious Aska girl. “Did you come with a woman named Aska?”

“Did you come wth a woman named Aska?” Intan asked all her friends who came to her party the nite before.

No one remembered this girl who had a body of model and face of an angel. And no one remembered coming with such a girl either.

But finally, someone cried… “Ohh! It must have been the person who came with Geumala!!” she said. Everyone tried to remember who Geumala came with.

Well, Guemala came with an entourage of her friends. Although they were in the fashion industry they weren’t models.

After thinking hard again if there might be someone among Geumala’s friends who might be Aska, they realized. Oh no.

Oh no. There in fact was someone who had the slender & tall body of a model, & a face that was angelic.

the problem was, this person with slender & tall body of a model, & a face of an angel… was not a model, but a designer. wanna guess who?

oscar_lawalata_012Yes, the Indonesian designer’s name was in fact Oscar. (and yes, this is all based on an actual, true story)

I wonder who the poor guy was, & how he felt when he found out that Aska was in fact Oscar. I guess he could have a much ruder awakening!


Thank you @senirupa for share a very beautiful, sad,  touchy but true story :)

Well, after I’ve got home, I told my bestfriend about this story, and I told her ’bout how I feel. I say, “It could happen to me rite?”

“Nobody know the future, who knows what would happen tomorrow, rite?” (this line’s for those who knows my story) :D


  1. waterbomm says:

    dit, ambil nafas dalem2… terus buang pelan2…
    santai aja dit.. masih ada gw kok… siapa lw, siapa yang lw suka. gak masalah buat gw :)

    tapi beda kasus donk.. yang nyari dia adalah cowok, yang notabene emang nyari cewek atau yang look like girl. dan lw????? lw tuh cewek dit, kenapa sih nyarinya malah yang look like girl?? HAH??? *pecut dita*

    santai ya dit… tinggal jalanin langkah selanjutnya :)

  2. ocha says:

    i’ve asked u before..”u not in love with him, don’t u?” but u answered me, “it could happened to me, rite?” and I said, yeahh u’re rite..nobody knows what will happen this day, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow..but u have to move on! he is in ur hand now..and u’ll not gonna do something that can make u suffer a lot, rite… *hugsss*
    .-= ocha´s last blog ..Lady Gaga Makes Me Speechless =-.

  3. Kurotsuchi says:

    Wkwkwkk… Its the work of make-up, bu dokter ;)) same case with mine, which is happened several years ago. Bishounen is troublesome, especially for male :p

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