AFF 2012: Future Fashion Now (Timo Weiland, Yeojin Bae, Esther Perbandt) Pre-Spring ’13

Thursday, 17 May 2012, at Audi Fashion Festival 2012, Future Fashion Now featuring Timo Weiland (New York), Yeojin Bae (Australia), Eshter Perbandt (Berlin) Pre-Spring ’13, Present by Canon.

Jadi seperti yang telah dijelaskan di postingan sebelum ini, saya berkesempatan menyaksikan #AFX2012 langsung di Singapore. Salah satu Fashion Show yang ada di Audi Fashion Festival yang terletak di Tent @ Orchard ada Show dari Future Fashion Now. Show pertama terdapat di tangggal 17 Mei pukul 6 sore waktu setempat dan terdapat 3 disainer muda yang memamerkan karya nya. Seperti apa show nya?

Timo Weiland Pre-Spring’ 13

After brief internships in the fashion industry, designers Timo Weiland from New York and Alan Eckstein met and quickly develop a compelling dialogue, which ultimately led to a design partnership. Their mutual interst in European history, travel and a flair for dapper dressing promoted an engaging creative exchange. Timo is also in the CFDA Fashion Incubator Programme.

The Timo Weiland collection reflects their personal aesthetic sensibilities and broader desire to spur a return to the art of dressing.

Yang aku suka dari koleksi Pre-Spring ’13 nya Timo Weiland ini adalah, warna, bahan, dan motifnya. selain itu hampir seluruh koleksi bisa dikenakan atau di modif oleh saya yang berhijab. modelnya chic, dan gak terlalu formal, tapi tetap bisa dibawa formal. it’s fun and not to sexy. :D


Yeojin Bae Pre-Spring ’13

After 13 years of design experience working as a senior designer for the labels Charlie Brown and SABA, as well as securing coveted internships with Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui in New York, Bae launched her eponymous label in 2006. Its contemporary femininity struck a nerve with New York’s most influential buyers and leading department shore Barney’s bought her entire collection. In 2007 she was awarded the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) Designer Award presented by Tiffany and Co., one of the most prestigious awards for young designers.

So coveted is her signature style that Bae’s unique designs are now found in the world’s most desired shopping destinations including Barneys New York, Matches in London, and Harveys Nichols in Dubai. Yeojin Bae infuses each of her collections with an edgy elegance and razor sharp tailoring that reflects fashion at its most chic. The Korean-born Australian designer has gained a cult following for her stylish pieces characterised by they street glamour and innovative prints.

Pendapatku soal koleksinya Yeojin Bae Pre-Spring ’13 ini adalah very chic, feminin and wearable. Warna-warna yang digunakan brave and bolt, dengan berbagai jenis pakaian yang bisa dikenakan saat santai hingga formal. ah, I also love the print she used.


Esther Perbandt Pre-Spring ’13

Esther was born and raised in Berlin, got toughened in Moscow and polished in Paris. She completed a European Master’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design in the French capital as well as a postgraduate study at the IFM – Institut Francais de la Mode. After this intensive period of study, Esther worked in the design team at Chacok in the South France. With a wealth of experience under her belt, she returned to Berlin at the beginning of 2004 to found her own fashion label esther perbandt.

Esther Pre-Spring ’13 collection have a very clean cut, gak ribet dan menggunakan warna-warna basic, which is good, karena semua orang bisa memakai baju-baju di koleksi ini tanpa takut terlihat mencolok atau nyentrik.


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